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6 months ago
MTB Mechanic

Keeping you rolling! See Sheryl from MTB Mechanic for any pre or post event servicing #cycleepic

Event support for the Flight Centre Epic for 8 years now...

Come get your spares and repairs for the big races today and tomorrow.


6 months ago
Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Check out our Allclear Print & Signs Chaser results LIVE now

Hot off the computers - LIVE results from the Epic also being SMS text messaged to your personal mobile device #hvap #cycleepeic #trailrunepic ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Cycle and Trail Run Epic's post

"You’ve done the work. The gruelling climbs up barren fireroads, the five hours of suffering, chewing unpalatable energy goop and warm electrolyte drinks. You’ve trained the mind, you’ve ... See more

6 months ago
Hidden Vale Adventure Park

If you’re yet to enter the Epic - hop online and enter today! You have until 9am Friday #cycleepic #trailrunepic #beattheepic #hvap #kangaroo

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